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Oct 2018

Black Cat Sale

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BLACK CAT SALE $50!! Did you know that black cats are often considered lucky around the world.

We have a few stunning black and white beauties here at the shelter and think they would make the purrfect addition to your family. This sale is on for the month of October and we have high hopes that each of these cats will find a new home soon.

UPDATE: Rain and Miley are the only two left from our sale.

Rain came to our shelter with her kittens this past summer. She was a great mom and taught them everything they needed to know so that they could thrive on their own. She has since be spayed and is enjoying the company of the other shelter residents in room one. We think that a home with children and another cat would suit Rain just fine. She will need some time to adjust but we know that she is eager to enjoy the comforts of home.

Miley came to our shelter when her ower moved away and she was left outside to fend for herself. If you come to the shelter during the day, you might not even see her. Her daily routine involves her eating her wet food and then she immediately visits us in the front office. She claims her spot on top of one on our kitchen chairs and naps for the afternoon. She is currently living in a condo in room 4 as she does not do well with most cats. She does favour kittens over cats and has spent some time sharing her space with a dog. We know that Miley will do best in a home as the only cat and we prefer to place her in a home with older children. With love and time to adjust Miley can be a great companion.