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Clarenville Area SPCA is a proud member of SPCA NL

Daytime Shelter Volunteer

If you would like to volunteer at the shelter on a more casual basis, you may be interested in helping the staff during the day. Daytime volunteers help the staff with cleaning duties, dog walking, animal grooming, and giving the animals much needed one on one time. If you are interested in helping out this way, complete the form below, or drop in to the shelter during viewing hours.

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To protect and care for animals that have no other shelter.

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The Gladys Groves Copeland Animal Shelter. Open 365 days a year!

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SPCA Thrift Store

The SPCA is now operating a Thrift Store. If you have items that you no longer want or use, please drop them off at the shelter or call us to arrange pickup.

PLEASE NOTE... We will not be accepting the following items:

  • Old style TV's
  • Computers
  • Plastic/rubber storage containers or dishes
  • Childrens car seats that are damaged or expired
  • baby cribs
  • clothes/shoes that are worn
  • appliances that are not working
  • furniture that is in poor condition

Donations of Food & Supplies

We can never have enough of the basics: food, treats, toys, or litter.

We can also use any blankets that you may not need - our furry critters will appreciate the attention when you drop these items off at the shelter.

The “human” critters will appreciate donations of paper towels, laundry detergent, toilet paper, Javex bleach, and dryer sheets.  Anything that helps keep the shelter clean!

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