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Apr 2020

Tasha & Friends

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“Here is the story of a first time cat owner"

I was raised to dislike and distrust cat. This means I did not learn about their behaviours, mannerisms or nature. I did not get to enjoy their calming presence or sweet vibes. My husband has always loved cats so I knew one day they would be a part of my life. We have dogs and I felt that was a reason not to get a cat. I figured they wouldn't get along and it would not be fair to anyone. I was wrong. When we finally decided it was time, I approached the SPCA and they recommended a small, sweet cat named Tasha. With my husband away, I picked her up and brought her home. Having little knowledge of how to introduce them, I just let it happen. Tasha hid away and nobody sniffed bums or wagged tails like I was used to. My SPCA family was there with tons of advice and support, and once my husband returned home we encouraged our pets to interact more. It takes time and patience. I was very nervous I would ruin this little animal's sweet nature, but I have not. Adopting a cat from the spca is one of the best decisions I have made and has brought our furry family much happiness.”