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Mar 2020

Smidge and Squeaks

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Adoption Update!

These cats are living their best life. We hope this story brings you a smile today. Smidge and Toque were brought in with Henry from a home that had several cats. This brother duo was a little shy and bonded so we were so happy to see them adopted together. Here is what their Momma sent us;

"Hi I just wanted to send you guys a little update on Smidge and Squeaks (formally Toque). They are fantastic! Have brought me so much joy! Took a few weeks to get settled but all is well! They are big eaters and like trying to sneak my food whenever possible! I renamed him Squeaks because of his very squeaky meow. They are both so vocal, can have full conversations it seems sometimes haha. Squeaks loves to play fetch with his mouse and loves cuddles. Smidge loves jumping after the feather stick and getting treats out of the “puzzle” toys I have for him hahs. They also love being outside on their harnesses. Mostly just in the back year and up the street so far but I hope to go on bigger “adventures” with them this summer. They have grown so much since I got them and love them so much! Just figured I would send along a little happy update amid all the craziness and uncertainty."

We can not express how happy we are here at the Clarenville SPCA to see these guys thriving. Their father Henry would be so happy to see them in their new home. There are 11 cats at our shelter right now and they are also looking for homes. Check out their profiles today and call 709-466-3489 for more details.