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Mar 2017

Mr. Bones When He First Came To The Shelter

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One day we had a call come into the shelter about a dog that was extremely thin and should be checked on. One of our Special Constables went out one evening to investigate the situation.

Upon arriving on the property he found a poor dog in an emaciated state tied to an old dog house. After talking to the owners for some time he decided that the dog had to be removed and taken to the shelter.

At the shelter this poor old dog was given the name Mr. Bones based on his terrible condition. Mr. Bones was an older German Shepherd mix and a big frame dog yet he only weighed 38 lbs. He was extremely hungry and devoured his food as fast as it was given to him.

The RCMP laid charges in this case against the owner for animal cruelty. The outcome of the case is still unknown.