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Jun 2018

If a Dog Could Talk

By: Pamela Peddle | Tags: | Comments: 0

Just this week we received one of those, "I'm not crying you're crying stories." This sweet thing is Susie Girl and boy does she have stories to tell. She was  was adopted by a lovely elderly couple who sadly passed away so Susie found herslef back at the shelter. She survived a house fire, has been adopted out twice and returned both times. We were told that she liked to slip out of her collar and despite her age she very active, and she would not do well in a home with other animals. Susie came with a long list of accommodations. Finally Curtis came along and he was just what Susie needed! Here is the one year update that we received from a family friend:

"I'm sure you won't remember me coming in with my friend, Curtis Collins of Placentia to adopt a dog. He wanted to adopt Susie but you were very hesitant, which was understandable due to his mother not liking dogs. Well, I thought I would let you know that one year later, Susie is doing well and is happy and content in her new home. Yes, she did take off a few times, but she always came back. She is a runner, hahaha, but we manage. She is very settled and never did she destroy or cause any damage in our home.  She sleeps in Curtis's bed at night and she is one of the family. Here is a few pics of her. She has gained weight and she is well looked after. As for Curtis's mom, well in fact, I think she is claiming part ownership of Susie now as well, she loves her company and never knew a dog could be so quiet and loving. Susie has taught her a valuable lesson too. Thanks for giving Curtis a chance.  It gave Susie a happy home and a good life. Sometimes the ones you think won't work out.. do..take care." 

Susie has stole their hearts and maybe most of the bed space too!