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Update: Adoption fee paid for in memory of Jewel Pelley

Meet Rory,

She is a sweet 6 month old female that was originally found on Bell Island and has spent the last month hanging out with a nice lady and some other kittens of all ages. She is said to have been good with the resident dogs of the home. She is super playful and enjoys spending her time hanging out with the other kittens. She is most definately a people cat. She would be suited for just about any type of home. She has an interesting looking tail. It comes out straight then kinda turns to one side.  We are not sure what happenend to it and she does not seem to suffer any discomfort from it. She is just a happy go lucky girl.

Rory hopes she won't have to wait too long for that "special" home to come and whisk her away.

Status: Adopted
Age: 0
Sex: Female
Size: Small
Spayed/Neutered: Yes