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Mar 2020

Clarenville Co-Op Cupcake Day

By: Pamela Peddle | Tags: #clarenvillecoop #cupcakeday2020 #adoptdontshop #thankyou #grateful | Comments: 0


On Thursday past we hosted our second cupcake fundraiser at the Clarenville Co-Op. It was only a success because of Pam and her team in the bakery. This lady has the biggest heart and she went above and beyond in making sure that our event was a success. We asked her for help (with short notice I may add) and there was no hesitation. She baked 372 cupcakes for us and then ensured that they were decorated beautifully. Pam and her team made sure that we would sell out because honestly who could resist there tasty baking. Not only did Pam have the cupcakes ready for us but she had all the little things ready for us, the signage, the trays, the cupcake table cloths and a huge smile when we arrived.

We sold out well before 4PM and we raised $391 dollars!! We have to thank our supporters as you were the ones that bought those tasty treats to take home, some were even eaten in the store!!! Please if you shop at our local Co-Op thank Pam and her team for us, we truly could not provide the level of care that we do to our animals without the support of such kind-hearted people.

Don't forget that when you shop Co-Op you can use our number 9000 at the cash.