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Meet Tika!

Tika is a 10 month old mix breed gal who is currently seeking our her new home! We aren't sure of her mix, she's a little short on her legs, has smooth, thick fur and little ears that flop over at the top. Although she ended up at the shelter by no fault of her own, she has unfortunately had a few homes in her short life. Therefore, she has never known structure or balance in a home. She needs to be taught all of her basic commands, manners and leash walking skills. Tika will repay you in love, snuggles and the best company! She loves to hang out with people and she absolutely ADORES being outside! It is not a must for adopting Tika, but she would definitely benefit from a home with a fenced in yard. She loves to tuck her bum down and run in circles around the yard, getting all of her energy out! Another thing that Tika loves - toys! She likes to walk around and explore while carrying a stuffed toy in her mouth, just in case she gets the sudden urge to play of course! Once inside, Tika becomes a little more reserved. She can be a little nervous of strange noises that she isn't familiar with (think washing machine, or banging cupboards), but will seek comfort with people she knows.

We do know one thing though - she sure is cute! Tika will have you laughing for hours on end, as she zooms around the yard or is trying to sneak up into your lap to a snuggle. This girl is not for the couch potato or someone that wants an "easy" dog. Tika is still a puppy, so of course she still acts like a puppy. She will need daily exercise, things to keep her mind occupied and constant love and attention. We are not sure how she is with cats, as she has not been introduced to any at the shelter. She does however walk by the cat rooms and can see the cats inside and she just keeps walking. We also do not know how she will get along with other dogs, so she will need to meet any dogs that she might potentially be sharing a home with. She is a young, playful pup though - so we think she will be fine with another dog at her energy level. Just like cat and dog encounters, we are unaware of Tika has lived with children before.

We hope that we can find Tika a suitable home that is able to keep up with her, teach her the basics of being a dog and make her a treasured member of the family! If you think Tika will fit in well at your house, please come by to meet her or give us a call!

Status: Adopted
Age: 1
Sex: Female
Breed: Setter Mix
Size: Medium
Spayed/Neutered: Yes