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Meet Sheena!

This stunning gal just arrived at our shelter from Natuishish, with the help of our pals at North Atlantic Remote Vet Services. In Labrador, Sheena was living her life outside, but is ready to become a treasured member of a family where she is spoiled, and treated like a queen! This girl is silly, quiet, friendly, gentle and calm - a perfect fit for most families! We know she was been socialized with other dogs when living in Labrador, and so far she just seems to ignore cats when she see's them. We are not sure how she gets along with children yet though. Like all Huskies, Sheena is going to to need lots of regular brushings and groomings, as well as lots of exercise! Huskies are smart, intelligent and active dogs who will need equally as understanding, strong and active owners. 

Due to the fact that Sheena has lived the majority of her life outside, we will need time to adjust to an inside life. So far in her inside kennel at the shelter, she tucks herself in bed and doesn't make a peep but may need a little longer to get used to household sounds such as cupboard doors slamming, buzzers going off, sounds from the TV, etc. She is a little nervous when walking through doorways, but with some coaxing and support she manages to make it through! We think Sheena would benefit with some training and socialization to increase her confidence.

If you're looking for an extra special doggie to add to your family, please some meet with Sheena!

Status: Adopted
Age: 1
Sex: Female
Breed: Husky Mix
Size: Large
Spayed/Neutered: Yes