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Meet Sax!

This handsome fella just made the journey across the ocean from St. Pierre to try his luck at finding his home in Newfoundland! He's a unique looking guy with short legs, floppy ears and a long body. Perhaps he has a long-lost Basset Hound relative?! On top of already being neutered, he's also micro-chipped and fully vaccinated! We're told he gets along with other dogs (with proper introductions of course), and doesn't even mind cats! He did come from a french-speaking SPCA, so he knows the majority of his commands in French. But being the smart young fellow he is, he is picking up on English cues quick! Unlike a lot of Beagles, Sax is a pretty quiet dude! He keeps to himself and hasn't shown to be a howler or barker while at the shelter.

Sax loves his walks and playtime outdoors then coming inside to warm up in his bed, or yours! He's quite the charmer and knows just the look to get himself some treats! He's gentle, and loves to cuddle up by your side where he will wait with his paws in the air for a belly rub. He is mature enough to have all the silly stuff like housetraining out of the way and focus on what really matters, being your best friend! He's perfect in every way, now he just needs a perfect home!

Let's get Sax a home for the holidays! Come by the shelter to meet him today!



Status: Adopted
Age: 5
Sex: Male
Breed: Beagle
Size: Medium
Spayed/Neutered: Yes