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Meet Phoebe.

She may look a little familiar to some people, as she was brought into the shelter as a stray that was roaming in Clarenville for a week in January before someone was able to catch her and bring her into the shelter. After no one had claimed her, she was quickly adopted into a wonderful home that loved her very much. Although Phoebe has been assessed by veterinarians and dog trainers, she could not live in harmony with the cat that was also living in the same home. This unfortunately meant that Phoebe had to be returned to us to look for a more suitable home.

Phoebe is polite, calm, pretty quiet and doesn't make much fuss! She is happy to laze around in the sun, or hang out with you all day! Phoebe has a pretty high prey drive, therefore she will need to be placed into a home without cats, small critters or smaller dogs. We are also looking to place her with older children (12 years +). She seems to be ok with larger dogs, but proper introductions would be required of course. Phoebe is asking for a home that is experienced with dogs, especially ones that come with a little baggage. We have no idea what Phoebes' life was like before she originally came to us in January, and we have absolutely no background information on her. From what we can tell though, she is loyal to her owners and is a joy to have around!

Please consider adding Phoebe to your family if you are looking to adopt a settled and mature dog into your home!


Status: Adopted
Age: 2
Sex: Female
Breed: Border Collie Mix
Size: Medium
Spayed/Neutered: Yes