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Lucky here!

This stunning boy just arrived to our shelter with his bud, Yukon! Sadly, their owner passed away and their caretaker could simply not handle two active young dogs. That's where we come in! We welcomed these boys into the shelter to help find them their new home, their new beginning! We are thinking that Lucky is a Labrador mix, but we are not sure what the other part of his mix is! Maybe a little Pitbull in there, maybe some hound - but who knows!?  He is pretty short on his legs, and very lean. We have discovered that Lucky has not been taught much of anything in terms of commands, or manners. He likes to see how much he can get away with, so that is why we are looking for an experienced and firm owner for him. Lucky is one SMART boy! Once he is shown a little bit of structure, he picks it up almost instantly. He would do amazing once trained and given a task or job. He is used to living with Yukon and another dog, as well as cats. But due to his "free spirit", we are looking for a home for him that doesn't have younger children as he may knock them over with excitement! All he really asks is to be a loved and treasured member of the family where he can get all the attention possible!

Come meet Lucky at the shelter, or apply to adopt him if you're looking for a fun-loving pooch to join the fam!

Status: Adopted
Age: 2
Sex: Male
Breed: Labrador/Retriever Mix
Size: Medium
Spayed/Neutered: No