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GOLDIE IS LOOKING FOR A FOSTER HOME preferably in the Clarenville area. She needs a foster home with no other pets, no young children and has to be an experienced pet owner. Please contact the shelter if you can help!

We would like to re-introduce everyone to a very special lady - Goldie!

Goldie arrived at our SPCA back in May 2017, after her long journey from Makkovik, Labrador. Goldie was part of a sled dog team for many years, until it was decided that she needed to retire and become a treasured pet and member of a family! She has been adopted twice, but sadly has been returned both times. We're looking for her forever home for Goldie. Not a home that falls in love with those brown, soulful eyes but can't handle her activity level or special quirks. 

Goldie may not be a young puppy anymore, but she still has a lot of energy! Goldie is used to running and pulling a sled with her team. We're looking for an extremely active walking buddy for Goldie - someone that will take her for long, daily walks once or even twice a day. We try our best to provide her with lots of enrichment at the shelter, with toys or food puzzles to keep her mind busy. It works while she is trying to figure out how to get those darn treats out, but what she really wants is to be lounging outside and taking in the fresh air. This is what she has known her entire life. We're looking for someone to provide Goldie with a comfy bed inside, but also someone that can offer a safe and secure, fenced in yard. That way she can enjoy her outside time when she wants and doesn't have to be on a leash that is tied on to a patio or step. We want her to enjoy the simple things in life since she worked her entire life and is finally retired! A fenced in yard outside, a comfy bed inside and daily walkies are not too much to ask!

Goldie has done well with more docile dogs that she has been introduced to at the shelter. She enjoys playtime with her canine friends and loves the company. We would only place Goldie in a home with children if the children are over the age of 12 and are used to being around dogs, know how to treat them with respect, and give them the space they need to do things like eat and sleep. She has not shown any signs of aggression what-so-ever, but because she was never taught things like "take it nice", we want to avoid any possible accidents that could happen. Goldie has probably never been by herself - wether that means outside alone, in a house alone, or at the shelter alone. Being by herself  makes her nervous and scares her a little. So she would prefer if her new family worked from home, or were retired and could spend a lot of time with her. She has been around dog-savvy cats at the shelter, and has pretty much just ignored them. Prior to coming to our SPCA, she has probably never seen one anyway!

She will need a patient and compassionate home, one that will allow her the time to adjust to all the perks of inside life. We guarantee that she will repay you with ever-growing love, and slobbery kisses!

Please drop into the shelter to fall in love with Goldie!

Status: Adopted
Age: 10
Sex: Female
Breed: Husky Mix
Size: Large
Spayed/Neutered: Yes