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Meet Cooper!

Cooper just arrived to our shelter with his friend, Lucy, when their owner sadly decided it was best to rehome them. The decision was very difficult and has nothing to do with the dogs or their behavior but rather the owners health.  Cooper is a Boxer (not papered), who is a fit and healthy boy. He is tall on his legs, has a long whip-like tail and has the typical Boxer pout. Don't let his frown fool you - this boy is happy, playful and silly! He loves to play with his toys, run around the yard and goof off. He walks well on a leash and his previous owner would often have him off-leash in safe areas. When it comes time to settle down, Cooper loves to lay next to you on the couch and laze around. He is obedient and listens well when given commands.

Cooper has not lived with children, but is said to be great around them. He is big and likes to play rough and jump for his toys, so that will need to be taken into account when interacting with children. Cooper has not lived with cats before but will chase them if given the chance so a cat-free home is a must. In fact, the only other animal that Cooper has lived with is Lucy. Cooper has a dominant personality and will show that if interacting with another dominant dog. He does best with submissive and calmer dogs, like Lucy. Because Cooper and Lucy have grown up their entire lives together, love each other so much and get along so well, we are only looking for a home that will adopt BOTH Cooper and Lucy together.

If you are interested in adopting both Cooper and his friend Lucy, please apply below or contact the SPCA for more information. 

Status: Adopted
Age: 4
Sex: Male
Breed: Boxer
Size: Large
Spayed/Neutered: Yes