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Introducing Brandy!

Sweet little Brandy arrived at the shelter yesterday in search of a new home! Her owners living arrangments and lifestyle has changed and they felt it was best to find a new home for Brandy. She is only 8 months old, but for such a young dog she is extremely well behaved. She is quiet and calm - doesn't bark much, but can be a little nervous sometimes around things and sounds that are new to her. She has been a perfect friend to all other dogs and cats that she has met, and she has also been fantastic with any children that she has met and spent time with. She loves to be rubbed down and scratched, and just to be around people.

We think that she is a mix of Labrador, and German Sheppard and maybe a bit of Husky in there as well. She still has a little bit of growing to do, but she is just about at full grown size. She has thick blonde fur that will need to be brushed regularly. Although she has shown to be very calm at the shelter, she will still need some training as all puppies do. She likes to jump up to get the most attention possible from you, and she'll need to be taught some leash manners as well. Overall, Brandy is a stellar dog who will fit well into any home. Wether you want to laze around inside all day, or spent the entire day outside exploring - Brandy is your go-to gal!

Please apply below if you're interested in adopting Brandy!

Status: Adopted
Age: 0
Sex: Female
Breed: Labrador/Retriever Mix
Size: Medium
Spayed/Neutered: No