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Meet Blaze!

Blaze arrived at our shelter just in time to find a home for the holidays! He is roughly 5 months old and we believe he is a Great Pyreness mix. In the first few months of his life, Blaze has not lived indoors or been a true member of the family. Therefore adopting Blaze will be like adopting an overgrown 8 week old puppy. You will have to start from scratch with basic commands, leash walking, and house training. He is catching on to sit already when there is a treat dangled above his head, so we know he is one smart cookie!

As a young and goofy puppy, he believe that he could learn to live in a home with cats and other dogs. He is very big for a young age, but he doesn't exactly realize that when he is trying to climb in your lap. He loves to play with his toys, listen to his own voice aka bark and cuddle with humans! He drools a lot and will need regular brushings to keep his coat clean and healthy! We know Blaze is fluffy and down-right adorable, but he will need lots of training, commitment, love and patience - maybe a little more patience than normal! One thing we can't forget to mention is his size. At the moment, he is big. But he's only going to get bigger, and bigger! He will grow up to 100lbs maybe even top 120lbs when full grown, so he will need all kinds of room to grow. He needs big spaces (aka no tiny apartments), and of course a fenced in yard is always a benefit. 

Noone can deny how adorable Blaze is, and of course everyone wants that in their life. Before applying to adopt Blaze, please think long and hard about how big he will be and how much mental and physical exercise he will need in his life. 

Status: Adopted
Age: 0
Sex: Male
Breed: Great Pyrenees Mix
Size: X-Large
Spayed/Neutered: No