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Meet Ms. Willow, 

Willow is a beautiful 5 year old female who was brought to us when her owner could no longer care for her. She is very sweet and most days you can find this sweet girl cozy and warm curled up in one of our office chairs or you may even find her cuddling up on our desk! She is our shelter mascot and is never far from an open can of cat food. Although Willow enjoys her wet food, she has worked hard to loose weight since arriving at the shelter and is doing exceptionally well.  

She would do best in a home with an older cat that gets her need for space while adjusting. Willow would be just fine in a home with older children, she did live in a home with a younger child in her previous life but we think a home with older children would be best. Willow has great potential and we hope to find her a foster or adoptive home soon. She is a sweet girl at heart that has taken her time with adjusting to shelter life. She was once in a condo on her own as she did not like to be with the other shelter residents, you can now find her in room two taking care of the kittens that we have. We know that she was a mother at some point in her life because her nuturing nature and her willingness to care for the little ones in the shelter. She has also taken a liking to the shelter residents in room three.

Willow is our longest shelter resident and she fears that when kitten season starts she will be overlooked. It saddens us to share this but Willow has not had ONE application come in for her. We will not give up on finding Willow a new home. Being an "older" cat she is looking for a home that will love her like she is, isn't that what we all want. 

If you are interested in adopting Willow, please click on the "ADOPT" button below to fill out an adoption application. It may take a cuddle or two to win her over so why not come down to 125 Huntley Drive to visit with her in Allison's Cuddle Room. 

If you think fostering would be a better fit, please call the shelter for more details. 709-466-3489. Please note that we provide all supplies needed to care for Willow while she is in your care. 

Willow is now in foster care and here is what her foster mom has to say about her:

This is Willow. She is my foster cat from Clarenville SPCA. She was in the shelter for over 300 days without any interest. I took her home because I felt bad for her. I was told that she loves kittens and was one of the shelter staff. I was a little weary of her because she growled a couple of times while I was there. She has only been with me a couple of days but I have to say that she is a great little cat! She has met my two cats and she is doing ok with them. She and Elvis are still nervous with each other. She is very clean, quiet and you hardly know she is in the house. She let me wash her up when I brought her home because she got sick on the trip. She shows NO signs of agression, she has let me wash her eyes, brush her fur (she loves that!) and she jumps up to meet your hand when you smooth her down. I don’t think she will be an in your face smooch cat but she is affectionate. Even her little meow is quiet. If you are looking for a quiet, clean little laid back cat then she is the girl for you. As I am told she is very maternal then she would probably be a great mommy figure if you have a younger cat. She is 5 years old but she is still playful- she was playing with a leaf that fell off my tree and playing with a ball. It’s very sad to think she was overlooked. She is such a great girl! 
I would encourage anyone to foster. Currently the Clarenville SPCA is overrun with cats. They have close to 50. It’s a great way of giving an animal an experience of living in a home and doing something good for an organization that does such great work! Many people don’t because they say they would find it hard to give the animal up. You just have to remember that you are doing something good. You are preparing them for life in a home. Giving them up is not abandoning them- there are many great people waiting to adopt and you have helped to socialize their animal. Then you are free to foster more again. I have fostered many over the years and am still in touch with many of the wonderful people and homes these animals have gone to. All you need is a space for the animal, SPCA provides all you need to set you up. 
If anyone is looking to foster, please go take a look at Skyker. He is just 9 months old but is huge. He is being kept in a kennel as he is a little wild ( does not like to be put back in ). But, as he is a baby, this is to be expected. He needs to get out of the kennel and be in a home where he can run and get his energy out. Please someone take a look at him. I would have taken him but my two cats are very old and would not appreciate a big active kitten.

Status: Adopted
Age: 5
Sex: Female
Size: Medium
Spayed/Neutered: Yes