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Uncle Toby

Meet Uncle Toby <3

Toby has come to us looking for a new home and we hope that you can help us find the puurrfect home just for him. Uncle Toby is sweet, funny, relaxed, and affectionate. He enjoys a good afternoon nap and is always willing to eat your leftover pate. He sounds like everyone's favorite uncle doesn't he!

Toby is a neutered-adult-male cat that is looking to find his new family. He is spending his time her looking after Samara and Annabelle in room two. He grooms them, teaches them how to play nice, and cuddles them when they need it most. Although he does well with kittens he is not yet ready to live with another adult cat and we are not sure how he would do with a dog. Due to his laid back personality we think that he would do well in a home with an older dog or a younger cat. Uncle Toby has been approved to live with children as well.

We are often puzzled as to why he is often overlooked but we think that sharing a room with cute kittens has something to do with it. You can see more about Uncle Toby and you can send in an adoption application online by clicking on the CONTACT US button at the top of the page. Who knows you may just fall in love with him like we have.

Although he was found outside, as all cats like to explore the great outdoors, we would like for Toby to be an inside pet in his next home. He is enjoying being inside with a warm bed and delicious food. We may be biased but I think tuxedo cats are the most handsome of cats. 

If you would like to add this handsome creature to your family please fill out our online application by clicking on the ADOPT button below. 


Status: Adopted
Age: 1
Sex: Male
Breed: Domestic
Size: Large
Spayed/Neutered: Yes