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Meet Sylvester!

Sylvester came into our care a couple weeks ago with an old eye injury that was never looked at properly. We we told he was once bitten by a dog and never went to the vet to have it checked to see if he was ok. Since then, his eye seemed to have shriveled up, leaving his eye socket open to the elements. This must have caused him great amounts of pain, especially in the wind and cold we get here in Newfoundland! We had him taken to the vet and they determined he would be most comfortable and pain-free if what was left of his eye was removed, and his eye socked sutured up. So that is exactly what we did, plus we had him neutered and he even got a fresh new haircut since he was covered in mats! 

Now that Sylvester is on the road to recovery, and his long beautiful fur is growing back, we are able to see his true personality. This guy is the sweetest and most laid-back fellow we're met in a long time. He spends his days lazing around his cat room with his new friends, and watching the birds outside. He loves to play, and get any attention that comes his way. He loves his treats and will chirp and meow to get some! Sylvester is loving his life now as the center of attention with a full belly, no more untreated injuries and a warm bed to sleep in! 

Looking for a cat to add to your family? One that fits in easily and deserves to be spoiled? Consider adopting Sylvester!

Status: Adopted
Age: 5
Sex: Male
Size: Large
Spayed/Neutered: Yes