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Meet Squirrel,

These handsome brothers are one year old and are neutered. They were originally adopted from us when they were 8-week-old kittens and are now back to the shelter. Their owner tried to make it work for a year and was devastated to have to bring them back due to her allergies and living arrangements. They certainly came from a home full of love!

Squirrel is the outgoing one! He is active and playful, does not bite nor scratch and likes to be talked to and talk back. Squirrel will flip over and expose his tummy for rubs and will happily be held up in arms and fall asleep. He likes to be kissed and cooed too.

Squid is the quieter one and is hesitant being held. Squid only talks when he really wants something. Squid loves fresh laundry and loves to look out a window all day long. Squid likes his tummy rubs too as he stretches out as long as he possibly can for one.

They are currently up to date on vaccines, de-worming, and flea treatment. They do love each other, and we want them to go together of course. They both know their names and will come when called. They like to sleep together at night, and they love to play together and eat together.

If you want to add these handsome fellas to your family please click on the “ADOPT” button below each of their pictures. We would need an application submitted for both.

The shelter is now open to the public Tuesday, Wednesday & Saturday each week from 11-4pm. Adoptions will still be by appointment only! Allison's cuddle room will still be closed to the public but will only be open to people who are adopting an animal! Face masks are mandatory and only up to 8 people can be in the shelter at a time. There will be a hand sanitizing station in each room to be used by visitors.

Status: Adopted
Age: 1
Sex: Male
Breed: Domestic
Size: Large
Spayed/Neutered: Yes