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Meet Magic,

This young adult cat came to us looking for an owner. He was spotted outside in the Bonavista area. He stole the hearts of the people in the area so they scooped him up and brought him to us in hopes of finding his owner. No one has come forward so Magic is now looking to us to help him find a new family to call his own. He has been through a lot of changes since arriving. Magic has been neutered, combo tested, vaccinated, as well as having a flea treatment and de-wormer.

Magic has been given a second chance and he is currently in a foster home and he has made great strides. Here is what his foster family has to say about him:

"He loves our 2 cats and adores our male cat who he follows everywhere. When he finds himself alone he will yowl this heartbreaking cry. He has grown to trust the humans. He loves to be brushed and petted but denies it! His raspy purr is heartwarming because we have had to work for it. Magic loves to be around people and cats in his own terms. Magic is now a happy, and at times, playful cat. He will play with his toys by himself or with a string. He is a clean cat and uses his litter pan faithfully. Magic has been through so much. He is a softy but you have to find it under his social awkwardness! He isn't cuddly but you can easily fall in love with him. Magic has had some dental work and does have some lung damage. He has also been treated for parasites. He is ready for a family to give him the time he needs to adjust."  Magic's adoption fee will be paid for his new home!

If you would like to add some "Magic"to your life , please click on the "ADOPT" button to go to our website to send in an adoption application.

The shelter is now closed due to Covid-19 restrictions. Animal adoptions will be by appointment only and we can be contacted at info@clarenvilleareaspca.ca or 466-3489 for any other inquires between the hours of 11-4pm daily.


Status: Adopted
Age: 3
Sex: Male
Breed: Domestic
Size: Medium
Spayed/Neutered: Yes