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zDo you know this cat? We are looking for his owner and need your help. 

This is Jazz,

Jazz was found outside of our shelter on Wednesday night and we want to help him find his owner. He was sitting on our step in the evening and it was just around the time one of our volunteers was leaving that he was spotted. He has not been seen around the shelter beofre so we do not think he is from this area. He is super sweet and loves attention. He is a true lap cat so we know that he has a family out there looking for him. Jazz is a neutered male.

If you have any information regarding Jazz, please call the shelter at 466-3489 or send us an email at infor@clarenvilleareaspca.ca.

Status: Returned to owner
Age: 2
Sex: Male
Breed: Domestic
Size: Large
Spayed/Neutered: Yes