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Adoption fee paid for in memory of Jewel Pelley.

This gorgeous diva is Foxy! 

Foxy is the momma to our four "F" kittens. She is an extremely friendly (and not to mention, stunning) girl who is the best mother to her babies. While she is excellent at parenting, Foxy is now ready to put her mom days behind her. Her babies have grown and are ready to go off on their own. Like her kittens, she too would love to find the purrfect home. We believe that Foxy is only a young girl herself, perhaps only 1-2 years old, so she is relieved that she won't be spending a lifetime giving birth to and raising kittens.

Foxy is quite the laid-back and sweet lady - always ready for some cuddles, a nice belly rub, and any available attention! Foxy is currently staying in room three wtih her friends until she finds a new forever home. We think that a home with other cats or children would suit her just fine. We have not tried her with dogs but could if requested. Don't let Foxy's size fool you, she may be small but her purr is as loud as a lion. We have high hopes for Foxy, given that she is such an easygoing girl and would love to she her in a home very soon.

If you're interested in providing Foxy with the space to relax and unwind, click on the "Adopt" button below! If you think that fostering is a better idea for your family, please click on the "Foster" button below. Please note that we provide all supplies that are needed while you provide the caring home. You can foster for as little or as long as you like. 


Status: Adopted
Age: 1
Sex: Female
Size: Medium
Spayed/Neutered: Yes