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This sweet older guy we named Brody,

Brody had been a stray in a small community for at the least the last 2 years since his owner passed away. A kind lady was feeding him since then but knowing that she was soon moving and that no one would be there to look out for Brody, she brought him to us. Brody was not in the best shape we he arrived. He had a runny eye, cat flu, ear mites, and matts on his back. Since coming to the shelter Brody has been combo tested negative, neutered and treated for eat mites and cat flu.

But that was not it! Brody was taken into a very loving foster home so that he could be cared for and given the attention needed to fully come out of his shell. His foster mom noticed that his eye was not healing so off to the vet he went. We were surprised when we found out that he had an eye condition called Entropion. Can you imagine the pain and discomfort he felt every day because of this.This is something he was born with and it meant his inner eyelid was curled, causing his hairs to be constantly in his eyes, making him very uncomfortable and hardly able to keep his eye open.

But thanks to the vets and staff at Community Vet in Milton and with the care of his foster mom, Brodie now has his eye fixed and is no longer uncomfortable. As a result, he has a scar on his cornea and some clouding. He is a very sweet, loving cat who deserves a good home. He just wants to cuddle all the time (as you can see from his pictures). He chirps like a bird so his foster mom calls him Birdie. We all think he is very handsome. She tells us that he does not realize how big he is and he just rolls and rolls around in your lap. So if you are looking for an older lap cat Brodie is your guy!


Status: Adopted
Age: 6
Sex: Male
Size: Large
Spayed/Neutered: Yes