Meet Whiskey & Echo!
These sweet doggos we would like to place in a home together. They have been with us since Jan 15 and we have grown to know a lot about them. They are siblings about 9-10 months old now. Whiskey is a male and Echo is a Female.
They would make a great pair for someone who is active as they love to Go Go Go! They both love to spend time out in our big fenced in area and love to go to the dog park. We think a fenced in yard would be best for them as they currently have very little leash training. They both are doing much better with house training but can still have an accident.
They are both kenneled separately at night and their kennels are clean in the morning. We also feed them separately as they can be reactive around food. They do love to chew up toys and Nylabones. They get a Kong toy every day here filled with peanut butter and treats, which they absolutely LOVE!
The two of them absolutely love people and will follow you everywhere you go and they go everywhere together. We can see how smart and sweet the two of them are and how much they have grown in the past month and a half. They are on the right track with all their training but will still require some work from their new owners.
They would be best to go to a home with older children and will be fine with cats as they lived with many. So far, we have not officially tested them with other dogs but we feel just them will be plenty enough dogs in a home together.
They are both SPAYED & NEUTERED. They both have had two DA2PP vaccines and two Interceptor Plus deworming.
If you want to ADOPT this duo then please click the link below under Step 3.
Please note that our shelter is open to the public Monday – Saturday, 11am – 4pm. Adoptions will operate by appointment only. Please allow us 1-3 business days to process applications.

Jan 15/2024: Seized from home with Clarenville RCMP. Owner was Alex Meikle in Petley, RI. Abandoned in home for days to weeks. House was VERY dirty. Full of garbage, urine and feces. Animals never had no food or water. Dogs were never let outside and cats never had any litter.

Jan 16/24: Whiskey – 47lbs & Echo – 41.8lbs

Jan 17/24: Vet Exam @ Community Vet

Jan 22/24: Brought up urine sample for both dogs. They both had a bacterial UTI and put on antibiotics for 2 weeks.

Interceptor Plus: Jan 17/24, Feb 19/24

Vaccine: Jan 18/24, Feb 19/24

Feb 28/24, Wednesday @ 11:15am: Candace from Animal Welfare called to give us verbal consent to alter and adopt all 7 animals. She is calling the case Abandonment and because he was not the owner of the home they were living in and he cannot be found then he looses all rights to all the animals.

Mar 5/24: Echo SPAYED @ Clarenville Vet

Mar 11/24: Whiskey NEUTERED @ Clarenville Vet

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