Meet Keidis!
Keidis is 10 years old and is a large dog at 93lbs. He looks like he is always smiling and is a very friendly boy. He is housetrained & great in the home. He is still very active for his age. Keidis recently lost some much needed weight and we are so proud of him! Down 12lbs!!!
He gets along great with other dogs. A meet & greet would be needed before he can go to a new home with another dog. He is NOT good with cats so a home with NO cats is a must. Also he can only be placed with older children 10 yrs or older.
Keidis is NEUTERED, fully DA2PP vaccinated and given Interceptor deworming.
If you want to add this handsome guy to your family then please click the link in Step 3 below.
Please note that our shelter is open to the public Monday – Saturday, 11am – 4pm. Adoptions will operate by appointment only.

April 26th/23-Chris Frampton South Dildo 743-5602.Moving into an apartment. No pets allowed. Adopted from the shelter April 2nd/2017 at 4 yrs old.  Dog is overweight, lots of tartar on his teeth & has minor hip issues when he gets too much exercise. 

Vaccines: March 30th/17, April 26th-23, Aug 16th/23

Advantage Multi: Mar 30th/17

Interceptor: May 5th/23, Aug 16th/23

May 5th/23-vet visit 105 lbs, needs to loose 10lbs to start with. On Satiety Support dry food. 2 fatty lumps-not a concern at the moment. 

July 6th/23- bath & Blow out by groomer.

June 9th/23- 93lbs down from 105lbs

Adopted Sept 30th/23- Sarah Noftall 67 Shaw’s Lane Clarkes Beach A0A 1W0 683-6923



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April 14th/23- Adopted from the shelter in 2017 @ 4 yrs old. 

Chris Frampton 743-5602. Needs to rehome as he is selling home & moving to St. Johns where he cannot have any pets.

We are doing a courtesy post to try & place the dog by May 1st. If not he will have to come back to the shelter.