ADOPTED – March 19/2023


Dec 16/2022 – Brought in by Anne Fisher – Bonavista – 468-4383 – Stray seen for over a week. Found on 4 Linthornes Lane, Bonavista.

Deworming: Dec 24/22

Flea: Dec 20/22

Vaccine: Dec 24/22, Jan 27/23

Neutered and COMBO Tested(NEG-NEG): Dec 20/22

Had a paw injury. Given convenia shot and treated for ear mites: Dec 20/22

Shaved mats. Lion cut. Done by Erin and Melanie: Jan 18/23

Mar 19/2023 – Adopted by Melissa Heulin and Amanda Pinhorn – 58 Castors Drive, Mount Pearl, A1N 4X2 – 740-3671 – melihuli@hotmail.com


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