Callie, 15 years

Feb 9th/2023: Arlene Krasawsli, Hartcourt 416-219-8521 owned by mother &  father  Gar & Betty Stevenson. She is passed away and he went into assisted living. No one to care for the cat.

Dewormed: Feb 13th/23

Revolution: Feb 15th/23

Vaccines: Feb 13th & Mar 19th/23

Spayed Jan 25th/2008, FELV/FIV tested: Nov 2007.

Feb 1st/24- Vet visit. Cat not using litter box & vomiting. Bloodwork fine, teeth ok for her age. Sent home with gastro food. Cat most likely senille that would explain her not using the litter box.

Mar 31st/23 Shirley Soper, P O Box 1629/10 Harbor Dr NWB, A0E 2P0  766-1541/546-2446

**Callie has found a permanent foster home**

Meet Callie,

This little lady is Callie. Sadly she finds herself looking for a new home at 15 yrs old. She was adopted from our shelter in 2007 and now in her old age she has no one to care for her at her home as her owners were elderly as well.

She has gorgeous long fur which will need to be maintained by regular brushings and grooming. She does have cataracts on her eyes associated with old age. She has had bloodwork and x-rays done at the vet. She is a very quiet cat she just lies around and sleeps a lot. A quiet home without dogs and just adults is what we are looking for for her.

Callie was FELV/FIV tested in 2007 and is spayed. We have updated her vaccine, flea treatment and deworming again.

If you want to give this pretty lady a retirement home, please click the link to our adoption form below.

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