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Jan 2019

Girl Guides Take Action

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The vision of the Girl Guides is: A better world, by girls!

This was exactly what they were working towards when they stopped by for a shelter visit last night. Them came with cat food donations and treats in hand to learn just what it is that we do here at the Clarenville Area SPCA. The spent some time with our furry friends and heard first hand from our volunteers and board members what we do behind the scenes. It was perfect timing for our newest shelter resident as he was named by the group. There were many great names suggested but when put to a vote Midnight was the winner. Midnight came to our shelter as a stray after he was spotted outside on several occasions. Midnight was a little shy, but he did warm up to the girls and stayed long enough to have his picture taken. Allison's Cuddle Room was once again the perfect place to spend some time with our animals.

Before the girls left, the made their way over to our thrift store to snag a new book. We were so thankful for their leaders to plan a trip to our shelter, we had more fun than they did!