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Mar 2017

Shilo's (AKA Kallie) Second Chance!

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Shilo came to our SPCA in search of a new home a few month ago. She had a bad eye infection when she arrived, and after re-checks with the vet and countless eye drops, the vet determined that Shilo would need to have her eye removed. The SPCA raised money through kind donations, from the public, for her surgery, and also had her spayed at the same time.

A lovely family, who have rescued numerous other cats and dogs from our shelter met with Shilo and instantly fell in love with her! They looked beyond her missing eye and adopted her into their "rescue family". They tell us Shilo (who they have renamed Kallie) fits in as though she's lived with them her whole life. It was a perfect fit!

See pictures Kallie enjoing her new home with lots of freedom and love, along with her pal Sweet Pea (AKA Erin, also adopted from our shelter).