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Sep 2018

"We all have two hands. One to help ourselves and another to help those in need."

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All the cats, dogs, volunteers and staff at the SPCA would like to take a minute to thank the individuals and businesses of Clarenville and all the surrounding areas for the donations you make to our shelter. Every single day we get the best items dropped off at our door. Everything from a single item to truckloads of boxes and bags and everything in between!! From a small bag of cat treats to 15 pound bags of dog food. We’ve had children drop by with jars of coin that they’ve collected, to companies and organizations dropping off generous cheques.

Your support has played a key role in the success of our continuous care of our lovable yet vulnerable animals. Everyday, we are continually impressed by your generosity. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for your overwhelming support.

This weekend was an especially busy one for our community. The Community Vet Hospital hosted a Dog Dress Up Parade at the Farm and Market Clarenville. Pet food donations were accepted at the door on our behalf.

We had our own booth and the community made sure we sold out of our dog and cat treat bags. We sold out of dog treat bags first  $200 was made/donated as well as pet food/treats. Shout out to the Farme and Market for allowing non-profits to represent themselves free of charge. 
Simultaneously NARL hosted their family fun day bbq and we were so fortunate to be the charity supported. We had two of our local celebrities there to collect donations! Pet food and supplies along with $158 was donated.
Last but not least, Walmart Clarenville has been a constant supporter to the shelter, donating unsellable pet supplies, food, and cleaning supplies. All non-expired and safe “damages” products are kept out of the landfills and donated to us. This week was no exception, they packed our van.

These are just a few mentions and we know there are countless other silent supporters out there, we send you all sandpaper kisses and tail wags.