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** Jewels is Not Available for Adoption**

We are still unable to get Jewels allergies under control. Therefore, until further notice she is not able to go to a home.

Jewels is a once in a lifetime kind of dog. She is a gentle soul who is loving, and loyal. Jewels is grateful of the care she’s been receiving at the SPCA. That’s easy to see in the way she comes and rests her head on your lap or gives you little kisses on the hand, asking for a bit of attention.

Jewels is a 9 year old, large, Lab/Pitbull mix. She has been vaccinated and is already spayed. Jewels has an outstanding personality and she is wonderfully obedient. Jewels gets along with just about anybody. She is the kind of dog who yearns to be near you, she’s content just laying by your feet or receiving rubs and love. Although Jewels is 9 years old, she is very lively and energetic and she still enjoys daily walks and play time. Jewels would prefer to be the only dog in the home, but she absolutely ADORES cats! So a home with a dog-loving feline friend would be a-ok in her books! Jewels is known at the shelter and people come specifically to see her. She loves all of her visits and particularly loves it when children come to visit!

When Jewels arrived at our shelter back in February, it was obvious that she was lacking veterinarian care that she desperately needed. Jewels has severe allergies to many foods that are found in common dog kibble, such as chicken, white potato, corn, and carrots. Because of her food allergies, Jewels will need an attentive family who knows not to leave food lying around and will adhere to her special diet. Even though Jewels has a strict diet, she can enjoy certain foods like apples, cantaloupe, greek yogurt, and natural peanut butter, as a special treat. Jewels is on medication in the form of a pill 3 times daily, which she takes with ease to help control her allergies.

Jewels truly deserves a home where she can live out her days as a happy and healthy dog. She knows just how lucky she would be to find a home who can provide her with the love and attention she needs to thrive. If you think you can offer Jewels the perfect home, she will promise to offer you constant love and friendship in return.


Status: Available for adoption
Age: 9
Sex: Female
Breed: Labrador/Pit-bull Mix
Size: Large
Spayed/Neutered: Yes