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Meet Smokie,

This cat was found in Arnold's Cove by a kind lady who said that he has been seen around the area for about 3 weeks.

He does not look to be in the best shape. He is thin looking and missing patches of fur all over his body. He has very striking green eyes.

Since his arrival at the shelter we have discovered Smokie is about 6 yrs old and was someone’s owned pet that got left behind when his owner moved. He has been to vet and was combo tested negative. Also he was given antibiotics for his skin. He is now on the road to a better life.

Although Smokie is inside and enjoying his food and warm bed everyday he would love a new home.

Please check him out on our websitewww.clarenvilleareaspca.ca or pop in and pay him in visit. He looks much more handsome in person.

Status: Available for adoption
Age: 6
Sex: Male
Size: Medium
Spayed/Neutered: Yes