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UPDATE: Regan is now SPAYED!

Meet Regan.

This beautiful lady is a young adult cat that was found in someone's shed along with her 5 kittens in Bellevue Beach/Norman's Cove area. She is very affectionate and friendly and enjoys a short afternoon nap, that is if her kittens let her rest. Regan has been a great momma and made sure that her little ones were looked after but she is looking forward to living out her life in the comforts of a home.

Since arriving at the shelter she has learned that humans have nothing but love to give and she is now letting us play with her kittens. As a mother she can be protective and we think that a home without other animals would be best for her, unless you want to take a kitten of hers along with you ;) We know the odds are stacked against her as she is older, a mother cat, and has black fur but we have high hopes that she will find her new home soon. Why not come down to 125 Huntley Drive for a snuggle in Allison's Cuddle Room. 

If you are interested in adopting Regan, please click on the "ADOPT" button below to go to our website to fill out an adoption application.

Status: Available for adoption
Age: 1
Sex: Female
Size: Medium
Spayed/Neutered: Yes