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Candy Gram Fundraiser

A big thank you goes out the students of Riverside Elementary for their generous donation. They had a Candy gram fundraiser before Christmas.

Shown is Matthew MaClean (president of the student council) & Nelson Robbins (vice president). Accepting the donation is our little girl Salsa.

Great job everyone!!

The dogs and kitties send sloppy kisses your way!

Shilo's (AKA Kallie) Second Chance!

Shilo came to our SPCA in search of a new home a few month ago. She had a bad eye infection when she arrived, and after re-checks with the vet and countless eye drops, the vet determined that Shilo would need to have her eye removed. The SPCA raised money through kind donations, from the public, for her surgery, and also had her spayed at the same time.

Mr. Bones After A Couple Weeks At The Shelter

After only one week with us Mr. Bones gained an amazing 11 pounds. What a difference only a few days of proper care made in how Mr. Bones looked. He sure was happy to be getting lots of food and the attention that he craved so badly.

Unfortunately after many weeks in our care Mr. Bones had still not found a forever home and due to overcrowding at the shelter we decided to send him to East Coast German Shepherd Rescue in Nova Scotia. Many thanks to Leah for accepting this poor guy and finding him a great foster home until a forever home could be found for him.

Mr. Bones When He First Came To The Shelter

One day we had a call come into the shelter about a dog that was extremely thin and should be checked on. One of our Special Constables went out one evening to investigate the situation.

Upon arriving on the property he found a poor dog in an emaciated state tied to an old dog house. After talking to the owners for some time he decided that the dog had to be removed and taken to the shelter.

Riverside Elementary

Sending a huge thank you to Mrs.Bennett and the Grade1 students at Riverside for their donation of $176.15 and 30 Items of cat &dog food & treats.

The Grade 1 class chose the SPCA as they had a spring assembly and learned about the importance of caring for your pets and helping the commmunity.

Thank you from all the animals at the SPCA. Your donations means so much to us!