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Report Abuse or Neglect

Too often abused or neglected animals are left to suffer in silence because people feel that it isn’t their business. Animal abuse and neglect is everyone’s business. Animals, like small children, need someone to stick up for them and be their voice when they’re being mistreated.

With the current changes to the Animal Health and Protection Act, the RCMP is now the only enforcement agency responsible for investigating cases of abuse and neglect. We are still logging complaint calls, however calls should be made to the RCMP. We are working with the police when requested regarding these cases, however we are not privy to all information of these cases so any questions or enquires should be made to your local detachment.

If you know of an animal that is being abused, neglected, or mistreated in any way, please contact your local RCMP detachment. You may also contact Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS(8477) and the complaint will go directly to the Department of Natural Resources Animal Care Consultant. Your call will be kept confidential!

Clarenville and Area RCMP – 466-3211
Bonavista and Area RCMP – 468-7333
You, taking the time to make that call could mean the difference in that animal’s life.

Information to give when reporting abuse or neglect:

  • Provide a name and contact number whenever possible in case we need to get additional information. Remember, all calls are confidential.
  • Provide the owner’s name and street address. Please leave a detailed description of where to locate the owner and the animal being abused or neglected. If you feel the location will be hard to find, please describe the colour and type of house or any easily recognizable landmarks in the area.
  • What time of the day is someone usually home at that address?